TEETH Whitening

At Ricci Orthodontic Studio, we want to give you every resource possible to achieve the studio-worthy smile you deserve. That is why we offer multiple teeth whitening options for our patients.

Experience Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening with GLO

Achieve significantly brighter teeth in just under 16 minutes, combining style, comfort, and minimal to no discomfort! Our GLO whitening mouthpiece employs an innovative blend of gentle warming heat and light technology, accelerating the whitening process. This method ensures safe, clinically verified, professional-level whitening outcomes with little to no sensitivity.

Professional At-Home Whitening with GLO

Brighten your smile with GLO’s professional technology and high-strength whitening gel, all from the comfort of your home. Perfect for standalone use or to keep your smile radiant between professional visits. Exclusively offered through GLO-affiliated dental practices. Inquire today about how to obtain your kit.


Pregnant women are advised to avoid teeth whitening procedures, especially those involving peroxides. While teeth whitening itself isn't inherently dangerous during pregnancy, the high chemical concentrations used could pose risks. Maintaining oral hygiene through brushing and flossing, along with regular dental check-ups, is encouraged during this period.

For breastfeeding mothers, it's recommended to delay teeth whitening until after they've finished breastfeeding. While the risk of hydrogen peroxide affecting the breast milk is minimal, caution is advised to prevent any potential risks to the infant.

Modern teeth whitening methods, both in-office and at-home, have evolved to ensure patient comfort and safety, minimizing discomfort and side effects. Educating patients on reputable whitening brands is crucial for achieving optimal results and maintaining oral health.

The GLO Professional Teeth Whitening system employs a combination of gentle warming heat and safe LED light, creating a protective barrier between the whitening gel and gums. This reduces discomfort, especially for sensitive teeth. The system is FDA-registered and adheres to strict safety standards.

Light-activated teeth whitening, using blue LED light, is safe when temperature-controlled. These methods work by speeding up the whitening process, gently lifting stains from teeth without damaging oral tissues.

UV teeth whitening is generally not recommended due to potential radiation exposure, which can lead to cell mutations. Opting for safer alternatives like blue light or LED teeth whitening is suggested to avoid gum tissue damage.

While a small amount of teeth whitening product can be safely swallowed during the whitening process, it's important to use these products as intended and keep them out of reach of children. Excessive swallowing of whitening agents should be avoided.

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