Life with Braces: Practical Tips for Everyday Comfort

ROS Admin | January 14, 2024

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Welcome to a new chapter in your orthodontic journey! With the advent of the Pitts21 Orthodontic System, experiencing life with braces is about to become more comfortable and efficient than ever before. Let’s explore how this revolutionary system blends into your daily life, offering ease and convenience alongside stunning results.

The Pitts21 Advantage: Redefining Orthodontic Treatment

Pitts21 isn’t just any braces system; it’s the first aesthetic self-ligating system that introduces 3D control earlier and maintains it throughout your treatment. This advanced approach is designed to reduce overall treatment time significantly.

Lighter Forces, Greater Comfort

One of the hallmarks of the Pitts21 system is the use of revolutionary square wire finishing. This technology applies 30-40% lighter forces, both horizontally and vertically, enhancing your comfort without compromising on control and efficiency in tooth movement. Comfort is key in the Pitts21 design. Smooth, rounded edges of the brackets ensure a more comfortable experience. The unique ligation system with its sliding door mechanism improves control over tooth rotation and torque, adding stability and ease during your orthodontic journey.

Achieving Stunning Smiles with Precision

The progressive slot in Pitts21 braces offers an intelligent balance of control and freedom of movement. This means effective sliding mechanics and outstanding finishing, leading to predictable outcomes with as few as four wires throughout the treatment.

Unparalleled Manufacturing Precision

Pitts21 brackets boast the tightest tolerances in the industry, with a precision of +/- .001. This precision, coupled with a reduced slot depth of .021, results in earlier engagement, improved torque, and better control, contributing to a more effective and shorter treatment duration. With features like integrated hooks on certain brackets and a generous under tie-wing area, the Pitts21 system supports a wide array of orthodontic necessities, from elastics to ligatures and power chains.

Your Tool for a Smoother Experience

The H4/Pitts21 tool, specifically designed for Pitts21 brackets, facilitates easy opening and closing of the bracket doors, making adjustments a breeze and enhancing your comfort during visits.

Living with Pitts21 Braces: Daily Tips

Eating with Ease

Pitts21 braces feature a design that applies gentler forces, reducing dietary restrictions compared to traditional braces. The robust bracket design minimizes the risk of damage from harder foods, allowing a wider variety of diet choices. Additionally, this design results in less discomfort after adjustments, enhancing the overall treatment experience.

Oral Hygiene Simplified

The streamlined design of Pitts21 braces facilitates easier cleaning around brackets and wires. Traditional braces can make thorough cleaning challenging, leading to potential dental issues. Pitts21’s less obtrusive design aids in effective brushing and flossing, promoting better oral hygiene and a healthier mouth throughout orthodontic treatment.

Managing Discomfort

Despite the advanced design of Pitts21 braces, some minor discomfort is possible. Orthodontic wax can be applied to brackets to ease irritation against intraoral tissue. Moreover, saltwater rinses are a simple home remedy that soothes soreness and reduces inflammation, making them a helpful adjunct for managing occasional discomfort during the treatment.

A Seamless Orthodontic Experience

Embracing life with braces is a pivotal step towards your dream smile, and with the Pitts21 system, that journey is more comfortable and efficient than ever. From advanced technology to patient-centered design, Pitts21 braces are here to ensure your path to a stunning smile is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Schedule a complimentary consultation with board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Alyssa Ricci, Miami’s premier Pitts provider.
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