SmileDirectClub’s Bankruptcy and Ricci Orthodontic Studio’s Offer to Assist

ROS Admin | December 13, 2023

Dr. Ricci helping a child

SmileDirectClub, a direct to consumer clear aligner company, recently announced its shutdown. This comes after a failed attempt to salvage the company from bankruptcy. Founded with high hopes and a groundbreaking business model, SmileDirectClub’s initial public offering in 2019 valued it at an impressive $8.9 billion, making its founders billionaires. However, the company struggled with declining revenues, never turning a profit, and faced additional challenges including a patent dispute and significant cuts in sales and marketing during pandemic-related shutdowns. Of course, the countless number of negative reviews and failed treatment outcomes as a result of teeth being moved in an uncontrolled manner without proper diagnosis or treatment planning, did not help their situation. 

Bankruptcy and Failed Rescue Attempts

In late September, SmileDirectClub filed for bankruptcy, with nearly $900 million in debt. A critical part of this debt was a $138 million credit facility managed by HPS Investment Partners. Efforts to rescue the company included negotiating a deal with its founders to inject fresh capital and buy the company out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, this plan hinged on gaining support from HPS Investment Partners and other creditors, which ultimately fell through. According to attorney Spencer Winters, representing the company in bankruptcy court, this last-minute effort was a “Hail Mary” that failed to materialize.

Ricci Orthodontic Studio’s Response

Amidst these developments, Ricci Orthodontic Studio has stepped forward, offering to take over cases from SmileDirectClub and ensure continuity of care for patients affected by this shutdown. This move not only demonstrates Ricci Orthodontic Studio’s commitment to patient care but also highlights its capability and readiness to handle a sudden influx of new patients.  

Why Choose Ricci Orthodontic Studio?

Ricci Orthodontic Studio is known for its personalized care and advanced orthodontic solutions. They offer a range of services from traditional braces to the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, Invisalign, ensuring that each patient’s needs are met with the utmost precision and attention. 

Dr. Ricci, a board-certified orthodontist and expert in clear aligner therapy, has 10 years of higher level education. She goes the extra mile to properly diagnose her patients’ needs, develop individualized treatment plans backed by evidence-based research, and educate her patients to make informed decisions about their care. She does more than just straighten teeth, she ensures her patients have a balanced, healthy, and functional bite that will ensure the health of their teeth and true beauty of their smile. 

The Importance of Trusting an Expert with your Orthodontic Care

The collapse of SmileDirectClub in many ways highlights the importance of leaving tooth alignment and bite correction to the experts in this field. Teeth are alive. They have nerves inside of them and around them and are connected to the bone via a periodontal ligament. There is gingival tissue and gingival fibers surrounding each tooth. When moving teeth, it is imperative to take into account tooth and bone biology to make sure the end result is one that is healthy and stable long-term. Entrust your care to an orthodontic specialist you can trust, because your smile matters. You matter.

Seeking Assistance?

For existing SmileDirectClub customers seeking assistance or more information about transitioning their care, Ricci Orthodontic Studio encourages them to get in touch through their website or calling their office at (305) 847-4224. They offer both virtual and in-person complimentary consultations. Their team is ready to address any concerns and guide patients through this transition.

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