SmileDirectClub’s Bankruptcy and Ricci Orthodontic Studio’s Offer to Assist

Dr. Ricci helping a child

SmileDirectClub, a direct to consumer clear aligner company, recently announced its shutdown. This comes after a failed attempt to salvage the company from bankruptcy. Founded with high hopes and a groundbreaking business model, SmileDirectClub’s initial public offering in 2019 valued it at an impressive $8.9 billion, making its founders billionaires. However, the company struggled with […]

Fluoride vs Hydroxyapatite: What you Really Need to Know

flouride vs hydroxyapatite

In the ever-evolving world of dental care, staying informed about the best products for your oral health is crucial. Today, let’s unravel the mystery between two key ingredients that have been the talk of the town in dental circles: Fluoride and Hydroxyapatite. Both have their unique advantages, but understanding their roles and how they work […]